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Code reduc phildar 2018

code reduc phildar 2018

The judicial procedure for considering complaints against the actions (inaction) and cadeau religieux lourdes decisions of edunet correction concours 9eme 2018 the procurator, the criminal prosecution bodies.
The rights and obligations of the body of inquiry on pre-trial proceedings and execution of urgent investigative actions in all cases, involving criminal offences also rests on the captains of ships that are on a long voyage, the heads of exploration parties, other state organizations.
Another person, in accordance with the provisions of the second part of Article 66 of this Code, code promotion bohoo shall present a document, confirming his (her) right to participate in criminal proceedings as a defense counsel (marriage certificate, proof of kinship with the suspected, accused, defendant, convicted.The sentence, decision made in the new proceedings in connection with the cancellation of the previous ones, may be reviewed by higher courts in a general manner, regardless of the motives for which the first sentence or court decision is canceled.Persons, entitled to compensation for damage caused by the illegal actions of the body, conducting criminal proceedings.In cases of criminal offences, provided in Articles 189 (paragraph 2) of the third part 190 (paragraph 2) of the third part 215 (paragraph 3) of the second part 216 (paragraph 4) of the second part 217 (paragraph 3) of the third part 218 (.In partial refusal of the procurator and the private prosecutor from charges, the court dismisses the case in that part of the charges, refused by the prosecution party, and the case in the rest of the charges is considered in the general procedure.If the suspected does not exercise his (her) right to refuse to testify before the first interrogation, he (she) shall be warned that his (her) testimony can be used as evidence in criminal proceedings, including his (her) subsequent refusal from this evidence.The court session secretary shall: 1) be in the courtroom as long as he (she) needs to provide protocoling, and not leave the court session without the permission of the presiding court; 2) completely and accurately present in the protocol of the action and decision.Sound and video recording of the part of interrogation, as well as repetition especially for recording the evidence and data, given during the same interrogation, is not permitted.The decision to send the case for a new trial may not be canceled, if under the case, adopted by the appropriate court proceedings is initiated a trial.The person, interrogated in the main trial, shall be entitled to petition for review the record in the protocol and the materials of sound and video recordings of his (her) testimony.Re-examination of the evidence, which is examined by the court before preparation of a new indictment, shall be carried out in the event if the court finds it necessary.At the stage of execution of the sentence, the district and equivalent courts consider the matters, referred to in Articles 475 and 476 of this Code, falling within their jurisdiction.The limits of criminal liability of the extradited (extradited) person.The decision of the competent authority of a foreign state to detain a person in custody or his (her) sentence of imprisonment shall be the grounds for detention of the person in the Republic of Kazakhstan, who is temporarily transferred to the Republic of Kazakhstan.The procedural agreement may not be concluded with the persons who committed a prohibited by the criminal law act in a state of insanity or became ill after the crime by a mental disorder.The operative part of the decision indicates the decision of the court of cassation on complaint or protest with the indication of the date of its entry into force, as well as the terms and procedure of its appeal, protest by way of supervision.

The decision to terminate the pre-trial investigation.Investigative experiment is performed with the mandatory application of scientific and technological means of progress and results.If when considering the representation of the Procurator General of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the court concludes that the act for which the person is convicted or applied to the compulsory medical measures, is not a crime under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Return of a minor under the supervision.Compulsory medical measures shall be appointed only when the painful psychiatric disorders are associated with danger to themselves or others, or the possibility of causing other significant harm.Information about the persons private life, obtained in the manner prescribed by this Code cannot be used otherwise than to fulfill the tasks of the criminal procedure.Persons, involved in the inspection, shall have the right to pay attention of the person, conducting the pre-trial investigation, to all that, in their conclusion, would assist in clarifying the circumstances of the case.